Shopee Interns: Nurturing Talents to Achieve Their Fullest Potential Through Mentorship

At Shopee, our mentors are colleagues, peers, and advisors. Beyond just technical knowledge, mentors offer guidance, instil confidence and nurture an environment where learning and growth are supported.

Under the guidance of their mentors, interns here get the opportunity to work on impactful projects and get real-time insight into the dynamic e-commerce landscape. Moreover, interns stand to gain valuable industry knowledge from their mentors’ experience and expertise.

Jodi, our Regional Marketing (Games) team intern, found that stepping into a whole new working environment was made less intimidating with the support of her mentor – Sijia – who was there to help her grow and learn.

We speak to the mentor-mentee pair to find out what the internship experience has been like!

What does your team do at Shopee?

Sijia: Our team oversees the end-to-end management process for Shopee Games; beginning from ideation to launch, and to post-performance monitoring. We collaborate with key stakeholders across the region to support new initiatives, optimise product performance and roll out improvements to bring out the best gameplay experience for everyone.

Some of the popular games we have worked on, which you might know, include Shopee Farm and Shopee Candy!

Sijia (Left) and Jodi (Right) having a discussion at their desks

How has this mentorship/internship been like?

Sijia: When Jodi first joined the team, we prepared onboarding documents to give her a better understanding of game concepts. We also provided her with a task tracker to help her along during her first few weeks. Jodi is quick to grasp new information and has impressed me with her positive learning attitude! Throughout her internship, she was never afraid to ask questions when in doubt and was proactive in her assignments.

Jodi: Sijia has been incredibly patient and encouraging as a mentor, always taking the time to explain my tasks thoroughly. She ensures that I feel comfortable asking questions and gives constructive and timely feedback, which has allowed me to integrate quickly into the company culture.

One of the projects which Sijia tasked me with was to ideate on potential brand sponsorship opportunities for a new Shopee game. She guided me with examples to kickstart my brainstorming, and later, gave me feedback and tips on my ideas. Knowing that she has my back every step of the way makes me feel more confident in the work I produce.

Jodi (Left) and Sijia (Right) having a catch-up in the office cafeteria

Jodi, what are your key takeaways from this internship so far?

Jodi: I have gained more confidence in myself and have changed my perspective to view mistakes as opportunities to improve! I appreciate that my colleagues have been very welcoming and helpful, which quickly made me feel like a part of the team and made going to work every day so much more enjoyable.

My role has also allowed me to hone my interpersonal skills and gain exposure to areas such as the games feature development and management process. These are invaluable experiences that I would otherwise not have gained from school.

Jodi, any advice/tips for aspiring interns looking to explore an internship in your role?

Jodi: Keep a positive mindset and ask many questions! It may seem intimidating at first, but once you step out of your comfort zone, you’ll realise that your mentor is there to help you grow and learn.

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