Shopee Interns: The Role of a Mentor in Your Early Career

Looking to kick off your career journey with an internship? As daunting as this first foray into the workforce might seem, receiving proper mentorship is a critical aspect that makes an internship experience invaluable.

At Shopee, interns will receive guidance and support from our Shopee teams, as they gain real-world exposure to e-commerce and our markets. Under the supervision of their mentors, they will have the autonomy to drive impactful projects and be challenged to continuously learn and upskill themselves in a dynamic environment.

To find out what an internship at Shopee is like behind the scenes, we speak to mentor-mentee pairs James (Mentor) and Zhi Hong (Intern) from the Service by Shopee, Retail Operations team.

What does your team do at Shopee?

James: Our team is the backbone of Singapore’s Service by Shopee Retail Business department. We assist the supplier and relationship managers to provide dedicated end-to-end service to our Service by Shopee customers. We are also responsible for ensuring optimal stock replenishment as well as facilitating logistic and last-mile services. Besides shop management, we are tasked to make sure that all payments and rebates are accurately billed and accounted for.

James and Zhi Hong having a discussion in a meeting room

What has the process of this mentorship/internship been like? 

James: Although he gives off a cheeky vibe from first impressions, Zhi Hong is serious in his work and picks up new knowledge quickly. He was able to work independently within a short period and has by now taken on key operational tasks. 

Zhi Hong: James’ mentorship has been instrumental in helping me navigate the responsibilities and challenges of the role. He took the time to explain complex tasks, offer constructive feedback, and patiently answer my questions, fostering an environment where I feel comfortable and encouraged to learn. His dedication to my learning and growth within the company has been a cornerstone of my experience, and I’m truly grateful for his mentorship.

Share a memorable moment working together. 

James: At the end of 2023, Zhi Hong and I had to find a fast way to reorganise existing listings. It was hectic and we had to source data from various sources to assess each listing. Zhi Hong stepped up to the task and worked collaboratively with other departments to get the job done.

Zhi Hong: James took a hands-on approach while working on this project, sitting down with me to break down the task into manageable and actionable steps. In various instances, he encouraged me to explore different possibilities and find efficient solutions to challenges independently. Rather than prescribing a fixed approach, he trusted my abilities and nudged me in the right direction when I hit roadblocks.  Eventually, we were able to complete the tasks in time – thanks to the guidance from James. 

James and Zhi Hong catching up over a coffee in the office pantry

Zhi Hong, what are your key takeaways from this internship so far? What do you enjoy the most about the internship?

Zhi Hong: One of the highlights is undoubtedly the incredible team I work with. Their friendly demeanour and unwavering support created an environment that made learning enjoyable and efficient. I also gained insight into e-commerce and learned that a well-coordinated operational framework is key to success and customer satisfaction.

Share some advice/tips for aspiring interns looking to explore an internship in your role.

Zhi Hong: Be proactive in seeking out learning opportunities. You will also learn to adapt quickly to changes and be flexible in handling different tasks or projects, especially since the e-commerce world is dynamic and ever-evolving.

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