Meet the Information Security team!

In the cyber world where threats like hackers, malware, and data breaches are constantly evolving, the Information Security team is an important line of defence that ensures our users can shop safely on Shopee.

We speak to the team to find out more about what they do, and how they have contributed to a culture of cyber-safety awareness at Shopee!

What does the Information Security team do at Shopee?

We play a crucial role in fortifying our platform’s resilience against cyber threats, and ensuring our company’s critical information and systems are secure. We implement and maintain robust security controls and proactive countermeasures across our infrastructure and applications. 

This includes rigorous assessments to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, proactive risk management, as well as vigilant threat detection and response programs. Our work safeguards a secure online environment for our shoppers, protecting user data and privacy, financial information, and the risk of fraudulent activity on the Shopee platform.

Beyond our technical expertise, we are deeply committed to fostering a culture of security awareness at Shopee. Through our interactions with other departments, we aim to educate and advocate for everyone to recognise the shared responsibility we have towards maintaining the security of our digital ecosystem. 

Team members in a meeting room

That’s awesome! How does the team foster a culture of security awareness on an organisational level?

Being a multifaceted e-commerce platform, Shopee encompasses an extensive range of products, services, and partner platforms, that make it imperative that each employee is aware of the need to safeguard against potential cyber threats. Our team continuously strives to raise awareness of security risks and the consequences of non-compliant behaviours, which can lead to severe cybersecurity incidents. 

Some of the initiatives we have done include:

  • Organising internal cyber war games and phishing exercises simulating real-world scenarios;
  • Conducting internal security awareness training and e-learning courses;
  • Formulating and enforcing security policies to integrate security standards into internal workflows; and
  • Sharing relevant reports and publishing newsletters to educate employees on security risks and industry trends.

What are some exciting projects the team has worked on?

To craft a comprehensive threat detection and prevention architecture, we get to ideate in-house solutions and integrate these with cutting-edge commercial products to create a robust defence mechanism against a wide range of cyber threats. 

With such integration, we have enhanced our ability to proactively identify, mitigate, and prevent potential security risks, while maintaining certain levels of flexibility in our system development which can better fit our company’s requirements and priorities.

Another highlight was also when we conducted an internal email simulation campaign to raise awareness about potential cyber-attacks and what actions one should take. The campaign yielded good results, with many employees following protocol and reporting the “phishing” emails to the correct channels. We also received positive feedback from a large audience on the exercise, and felt encouraged that we had successfully helped educate and empower our team members to recognise and mitigate potential security threats, contributing to a more vigilant and security-conscious workplace.

The Shopee Information Security team at a team-bonding session by the beach

Any advice for aspiring applicants seeking to join the team?

In our team, you will get the chance to work with various technologies, including web security, infrastructure security, offensive security, data security, secure development, security operations, and more! 

The diverse scope presents many learning opportunities as well as the assurance that you’ll be making a profound and genuine impact in safeguarding our shopper community against potential cyber threats. At Shopee, we prioritise user data and asset security, and constantly strive to upgrade and maintain a top-tier defence system by industry standards. 

If you are passionate about this mission, we welcome you to join us!

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